Photo by   Citizen Couture .

Photo by Citizen Couture.

Naomi Nevitt is an award-winning editorial and social media strategist with expertise in Gen Z and millennial behavior, as well as digital fashion, lifestyle and shopping trends. Over her career, she has consulted brands and publishers on how to develop, refine, and refresh their digital content and social media strategies across platforms. Naomi previously served as the Editorial Director of Obsessee, a social media-based lifestyle publication for Gen Z teens and college students interested in art, style and activism, the Shopping Director of Refinery29, and Online Editorial Director of Teen Vogue. She has been a panelist at South By Southwest Interactive and Internet Week New York, as well as been interviewed by Glossy, Adweek, Bloomberg and Media Industry News to speak to emerging digital trends in fashion and publishing.  Naomi attended Barnard College, where she studied Art History, and is based in New York City.